Lifepath Transformations
making the invisible, visible

Lifepath Transformations Counselling and Fitness Training

Ready to live your best life?

Based out of Richmond, BC and servicing the Vancouver area, Lifepath Transformations ties personal fitness training and counselling services together to create the optimal outcome for both emotional and physical wellness.

Working alongside Lifepath Transformations means:
  • You will reach your goals faster
  • Your overall health and wellness will improve
  • You will gain a sense of inner power
  • Your self confidence will improve
  • You will feel more solid, clear and defined

Making the invisible visible

Often the things that can really make a difference in our lives are the things that we cannot see.

Does it feel as though:
  • There are never enough hours in the day?
  • You are running through life never taking time to ´smell the roses´ or take time for your own needs?
  • You fluctuate between feelings of frustration, disappointment, irritation, hopelessness, complacency, and indifference?
  • You are tired all the time?
  • You do not take time for ´fun´ and you cannot remember the last time you laughed?
  • You are stuck in your daily routine and cannot break free?
Maybe you keep running into the same scenario over and over again, making plan after plan to do something different this time. Yet somehow you still wind up in the same position. When even your best-laid plans always seem to come up short, it is self-defeating and demoralizing.

Are you tired of feeling like you are letting yourself down or that you are a failure? Ready to stop measuring yourself against others and succeed with your own physical and emotional health and wellness goals?

Extending a hand to the soul

We each have a very unique journey on life´s path. Tunnel vision occurs and it is easy to forget that there is more to life than what we can see in any given moment.

Lifepath Transformations is about seeing beyond what is visible, getting to the core of what is keeping you ´stuck´ and unhappy, then literally transforming your path of life to one that actually acknowledges and adheres to your dreams.

Turn obstacles into opportunities and learn to embrace the journey of life instead of always chasing after the destination. You can transform the way you define yourself in the world - permanently.

A Total Package - Mind Body Wellness

I specialize in:
  • Life Transition Counselling
  • Life Purpose Counselling
  • Fitness Coaching / Fitness Training.

My background as a Registered Professional Counsellor and training as a Personal Fitness Trainer allows me to offer a total wellness package. The connection of training the body while counselling the mind offers synergistic, focused results - results not often found on their own.

Or choose one specialty to focus on and build from there. There is no ´right´ way to reach your best life; there is only the way that best works for you!

Lifepath works with everyone
  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Groups
  • New moms and stay at home moms
  • Sports teams

Working with someone else helps you to reach your goals

I am compassionate and I believe connection is a vital part of human life and happiness. In order to change, we must allow ourselves to be met by another. There is nothing I love more then helping people see opportunities in places they never expected or watching that “aha” moment when the light bulb shines and something new and vibrant appears.

Learn more about Lifepath Transformations Counselling Services and Personal Fitness Training or contact Jenn for more information. Are you ready to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary? Live your best life - physically, emotionally and mindfully!
Jenn Waller was an amazing counsellor to work with. She helped my wife, Jac and I thru a trying period of our relationship where it could have gone a different way. She helped us stay focused with her eye contact and tone of voice. She was not afraid to challenge either of us thru our crisis and our connection. And now with us just renewing our wedding vows, I thank God for Jenn Waller. There is no one else better to have in your corner.
CJL - Couples Counselling client