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Jenn Waller, Registered Professional Counsellor

About Jenn Waller, Registered Professional Counsellor

Lifepath Transformations Counselling and Fitness Training

Growing up on the West Coast of BC, I was exposed to the outdoors at a young age. I loved being outside and loved playing any and all sports my parents could be convinced to let me try.

As an infant, I was adopted as an infant and fought feelings of not ´fitting in´ or belonging throughout my early life. I went through some tough challenges and struggled to find my identity. I did not know how to connect with others during a time of need, nor how to articulate how stuck and lonely I felt.

As part of a team, it did not matter where I came from or who I was, I still had something valuable to add. I learned what it was like to give my all to something and fully trust in those around me; to know what it is like to excel individually and also to be part of something bigger than myself. Sports also taught me that I do indeed make an impact  providing me with something solid with which to connect. I believe my interest in sports saved my life and kept me safe.

I left home at a young age and, along with sports, took to writing and music as a way of healing. In the middle of turmoil, self-doubt, and a complete identity crisis, I learned a lesson: nothing could be taken from me, no matter what was happening around me.

My own transformation happened when I least expected it and at a time when I thought my life was exactly the way I wanted it. I had the perfect career and the perfect family - two young children and a husband. I had everything I thought I wanted when a crisis struck that changed my world and ultimately created a pivot in my journey.
I learned that there was so much more to life than what I was living, that I had to stop measuring and defining myself by others or by what I am ´supposed´ to own. It was difficult but I learned to stop hiding as a way to keep myself safe and step into being fully honest and transparent.

I became a counsellor to help others learn that there is more to life than what we can see in any given moment and the limitations we put onto ourselves.

And it was here that I learned my most valuable lesson that still impacts each day as both a counselor and trainer: no one deserves to walk through this world, or through their struggles, alone.

It is best to walk as a team.

Jenn is insightful and has high personal counselling skills. She is kind, extremely fit and a great physical trainer. I would highly recommend Jenn.
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