Lifepath Transformations
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Lifepath Transformations: Counselling and Coaching Services

Life Purpose: Counselling to help put purpose back in your life

It would be so much easier if humans came with an instruction manual or owner´s guide much like a new car or your latest and greatest gadget. Maybe it would be titled Life Purpose for Dummies and sport the dorky guy in the mortarboard but what does it matter? The important part would be having a guide to help you find your purpose in life while avoiding the usual pitfalls and hiccups along the way.
It is not that easy and sometimes you need help finding your way in the world. Your guide to finding your life purpose is not in a bookstore but here, waiting to help you discover true satisfaction knowing who you are truly meant to be!

Life Transition: Counselling through Life´s Challenges

Life transitions can affect us more deeply than initially realized. Divorce or separation, loss or change of job, loss or death of a loved one, retirement, relocating - these transitions are some of the most stressful aspects we will ever face. Whether positive or not, planned or unplanned, at times it is natural to feel ill-equipped to successfully work through life transitions.

Instead of facing the challenge head on with confidence and grace, we find ourselves powerless and out of control as issues continue to develop and evolve around us.

Learn to see change as a natural part of life and enjoy the good it can bring with it! A new perspective can change everything!

Fitness Coaching: Make a change without letting life pass you by

My approach specifically works with your likes and dislikes in creating a program to help reach your individual goals. By working directly with you, I optimize the time you have available, creating a program you can do on your own, bringing the resources to you, and then implementing a plan that will bring you the desired results.

Ready to make your fitness program an important and enjoyable part of your day? Ready to see success where previously there had only been feelings disappointment or failure?

Jenn is insightful and has high personal counselling skills. She is kind, extremely fit and a great physical trainer. I would highly recommend Jenn.
FS - Fitness Training client