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Life Purpose: Counselling to help put purpose back in your life

Life Purpose: Counselling to help put purpose back in your life

Have you ever wondered what on earth your life is really for? Is this all there is for you? Or what is the point or purpose in life?

It would be so much easier if humans came with an instruction manual or owner´s guide much like a new car or your latest and greatest gadget. Maybe it would be titled Life Purpose for Dummies and sport the dorky guy in the mortarboard but what does it matter? The important part would be having a guide to help you find your purpose in life while avoiding the usual pitfalls and hiccups along the way. No more setting your life on autopilot or guessing which path is the correct one for you.

The Greater Definition of Life Purpose

Have you ever been uncertain about:
  • Your goals, dreams or vision?
  • Your values?
  • Living an intentional life, not the 9-5 plan?
  • Boundaries and general confusion over where or how you fit in?
  • Why it seems it is either all about you or not at all?
  • Why you have no idea who you are?
  • Why you have attachments to ´things´?
  • Why you have no sense of ´now´?
  • Why you feel that something is lacking?
  • Why you feel a general listlessness or that you are running on automatic pilot?

These are all symptoms of a bigger problem, one that involves a lack of purpose in life and a desire to create positive impact on the world around you.

“What is my purpose in life?”

Clients often come to me desperate to figure out what their purpose in life is and how to achieve it. They know they want something different, although they may not know what it is or how to get it. They want to know what they must do to feel better and they want it NOW!

For good or bad, I can fully relate. I was in what I believed was my dream career only to wake up one morning desperately needing to know there was more to life then the nine to five life I was living at the time.

I was not alone and neither are you. We all get caught up in chasing after the life we “should” have: career, family, car, house, and whatever else we think we need to be happy. Yet, when we finally get those things and they do not bring us the happiness or sense of accomplishment we expected, we feel empty. We start to look outside ourselves for a momentary sense of pleasure or relief, usually followed by a prolonged emptiness.

Put meaning back in your life through Life Purpose Counselling

It is extremely difficult to truly find purpose in your life on your own. Working in collaboration with a counsellor has the ability to change your life forever.
Together we will cultivate your unique purpose:
  • We explore your beliefs and values and how they relate to your purpose in life.
  • We will identify strategies that you have employed in the past to remain safe, albeit unfulfilled.
  • We then transform your beliefs around who you are and how you interact with the world.

Finding your true purpose in life is an amazing process to embark on and a gift to yourself as well as those around you.

There are major repercussions to living a life on autopilot; are you ready to let go of what is not bringing meaning to your life and embrace what will?

Learn more about Jenn Waller and Life Purpose Counselling. Your guide to finding your life purpose is not in a bookstore but here, waiting to help you discover true satisfaction knowing who you are truly meant to be!


Individual and Couples Counselling:
1 hr  $95 (includes HST)
1.5hr $120 (includes HST)

Jenn is insightful and has high personal counselling skills. She is kind, extremely fit and a great physical trainer. I would highly recommend Jenn.
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