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Life Transition: Counselling through Life´s Challenges

Life Transition: Counselling through Life´s Challenges

Each of us faces various transitions as we move through life. Change is often viewed as either positive or negative and while some transitions are planned and expected, others are sudden and unexpected.

Whether positive or not, planned or unplanned, at times it is natural to feel ill- equipped to successfully work through life transitions. Feelings of helplessness and turmoil only exacerbate the anxiety over an already stressful situation, lending strength to the vicious cycle.

Instead of facing the challenge head on with confidence and grace, we find ourselves powerless and out of control as issues continue to develop and evolve around us.

Life transitions include:
  • Career change or retirement
  • Children - pregnancy or adoption
  • Health concerns, illness or injury
  • New relationship or marriage
  • Moving or relocation
  • Loss or death
  • Relationship struggles, separation, or divorce/newly single
  • Family dynamics and challenges

Where do you fit in?

Life transitions can affect us more deeply than initially realized.

As a society, we tend to define ourselves by the roles that we play in various parts of our lives. Whether it is your title at work, who you are within your circle of friends, or at home as a parent, wife, husband, or child; who you are in each role is a vital part of feeling comfortable and in control.

However, when roles shift, you must shift as well. Your identity can be at risk along the way and you may no longer know where you fit in the world.

Making space for change

Regardless of what kind of transition you may find yourself in, my intention is to provide a safe place for you to explore what meaning has been attached to this event. I will help alleviate the pressure of the situation, allowing you to find out who you are and what the transition means to you.

Together we look at the situation from a new perspective and find ways to step towards a new experience. You will learn tools to help you work through stressful situations as well as healthy ways to manage anxiety.

A new perspective can change everything!

Learn more about Jenn Waller and Life Transition Counselling and how to embrace change for the good it can bring!


Individual and Couples Counselling:
1 hr  $95 (includes HST)
1.5hr $120 (includes HST)

I would describe Jenn Waller as a committed, solid, real and trustworthy woman and counsellor. She is not afraid to take the lead or improvise if a situation calls for creativity and she lets herself be led by her heart. I can definitely see why people would feel safe around and supported by Jenn.
GS - Life Purpose Counselling Client