Lifepath Transformations
making the invisible, visible

Mission and Values: Lifepath Transformations Counselling and Fitness Training

Without a foundation or roadmap to follow as a guide, we have nothing on which to base our decisions or actions; nothing to follow when challenges occur. Whether working with an individual, couple, group, or team, these are the values that I choose to live by and bring into sessions with my clients.
Lifepath Transformations Counselling and Fitness Training


Ignite hope and endless possibility by embracing leadership and uniqueness of life.


Possibility - that something different can happen in any situation. Be open to another door opening and remember that it cannot open on its own.

Magnitude - the full dimension of self. To be bigger than the problem, not playing small. Stepping fully into self and trusting, then to trust a bit more and take another step further than you would normally go.

Love (compassion) - lead with the heart. Love no matter what the situation is and experience tender genuine connection. Live and love bigger than the struggle, anxiety or fear. Love never fails.

Integrity - be transparent. Do what you say, say what you mean in an unwavering soundness of moral character. Stand for something and be answerable and accountable.

Surrender - letting go of control and the need to “fix“. Being fully in the present, not past or present focused. Relinquish control and open to possibility.

Creativity - think outside of the box. Take the traditional and make it impactful. Believe and create something different and expressive that rejuvenates soul and spirit.

I would describe Jenn Waller as a committed, solid, real and trustworthy woman and counsellor. She is not afraid to take the lead or improvise if a situation calls for creativity and she lets herself be led by her heart. I can definitely see why people would feel safe around and supported by Jenn.
GS - Life Purpose Counselling Client