Lifepath Transformations
making the invisible, visible

Mission and Values: Lifepath Transformations Counselling and Fitness Training

Without a foundation or roadmap to follow as a guide, we have nothing on which to base our decisions or actions; nothing to follow when challenges occur. Whether working with an individual, couple, group, or team, these are the values that I choose to live by and bring into sessions with my clients.
Lifepath Transformations Counselling and Fitness Training


Ignite hope and endless possibility by embracing leadership and uniqueness of life.


Possibility - that something different can happen in any situation. Be open to another door opening and remember that it cannot open on its own.

Magnitude - the full dimension of self. To be bigger than the problem, not playing small. Stepping fully into self and trusting, then to trust a bit more and take another step further than you would normally go.

Love (compassion) - lead with the heart. Love no matter what the situation is and experience tender genuine connection. Live and love bigger than the struggle, anxiety or fear. Love never fails.

Integrity - be transparent. Do what you say, say what you mean in an unwavering soundness of moral character. Stand for something and be answerable and accountable.

Surrender - letting go of control and the need to “fix“. Being fully in the present, not past or present focused. Relinquish control and open to possibility.

Creativity - think outside of the box. Take the traditional and make it impactful. Believe and create something different and expressive that rejuvenates soul and spirit.

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Jenn and to be around her powerful presence of who she is and her own journey. Jean has everything you need in a counsellor: understanding, patience. She challenged me when I needed it. She is warm, kind, and a very understanding person to be the support and mirror to anyone who is willing to travel the journey. Jenn will go the distance!!
HC Cork - Coworker/Counsellor - Ireland