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Bootcamp training

Better than Bootcamp

Ready for your Transformation? Get outside and take advantage of one of our outdoor ´bootcamp style´ classes. Reach your fitness goals with the support of a certified personal trainer. Get the benefit of hands-on support, customized plans and connecting with other people who, like you, are looking to create a healthy lifestyle and make lasting changes in their lives.

At Lifepath Transformations, we run small group classes that balances affordability for you with time for personalized, expert feedback to help you make changes which take root quickly and last permanently.

Our Community Transformation Contest will be Starting in early January, full details available soon

Get Moving

Get fit while enjoying the fresh air and sun! This one-hour, high-intensity workout burns calories and tones muscles. Practice a variety of exercises and activities geared towards increasing strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance in a fun and social atmosphere. Beginner to advanced fitness levels welcome.
6:00am - 7:00am

6:00pm - 7:00pm


5 days a week $200
3 days a week $150
2 days a week $120

Express Classes

For those of you limited on time or wanting something totally different, our fast-paced, 45-minute outdoor class alternates between circuit training and multi-joint exercises. Add in some cardio, core and agility exercises and your body will feel alive while you keep your muscles guessing what´s coming next.
7:00am - 7:45am


3 days a week $120
2 days a week $100
Jenn Waller was an amazing counsellor to work with. She helped my wife, Jac and I thru a trying period of our relationship where it could have gone a different way. She helped us stay focused with her eye contact and tone of voice. She was not afraid to challenge either of us thru our crisis and our connection. And now with us just renewing our wedding vows, I thank God for Jenn Waller. There is no one else better to have in your corner.
CJL - Couples Counselling client