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Fitness Coaching: Make a change without letting life pass you by

Fitness Coaching: Make a change without letting life pass you by

In a world where it feels like we measure ourselves by what we get done in a day, the first thing to usually drop out of the schedule is a healthy routine such as regular exercise.

Most of us struggle to keep up with our health and fitness routines. We go to work every day, manage our home lives, and maybe even fit in the odd exercise session. The problem is not getting the odd workout in; it is finding a way to work regular exercise into our tight schedules on a consistent basis.

Whether you have a completely sedentary lifestyle or are an active athlete wanting to take it to the next level, a new mom wanting to lose the baby weight, or someone who wants to maintain an active healthy lifestyle, I have something for you.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle include:
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Greater energy and stamina
  • Internal organs functioning at full potential
  • Sense of purpose and inner power
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Burning off extra energy from stress and anxiety

Pivotal Choices, Pivotal Changes

We all face choices every day and while some leave us feeling burned out, stressed, worried, or confused; others make us feel strong, open, confident, and assured.
Which do you want? You can choose to stay stuck and look after only certain parts of your life or you can make choices towards a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.
Choosing to make exercise and wellness a priority in your life can help your body and your mind work at peak efficiency. Improve your health and improve the quality of your life!

Not everyone likes going to the gym

We are all unique and while some of us like walking on the beach, some of us prefer to hit the gym.

Whether you are a seasoned professional at the gym, or someone who prefers the outdoors, I can tailor your workout to your needs, likes, and dislikes. No cookie cutter workouts here and not every plan will work for every body...we are all different.

My approach specifically works with your likes and dislikes, creating a program to help reach your individual goals. By working directly with you, I optimize the time you have available, create a program you can do on your own, bring the resources to you, and create a plan that will bring you results.

Ready to take your fitness program off the couch or to the next level? Contact Jenn Waller and LifePath Counselling and Fitness Training for more information on her personalized fitness training programs.


Personal Training - Private

1 session
3 sessions
5 sessions
10 sessions
session (30 min.)

Personal Training - Kickstart Package

1 package

Includes 1 consultation and 3 sessions
*Available 1 time each calendar year

Personal Training - Semi-Private

Cost Per Person:
3 sessions
5 sessions
10 sessions

Personal Training - Group (3-4)

Cost Per Person:
3 sessions
5 sessions
10 sessions

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Jenn and to be around her powerful presence of who she is and her own journey. Jean has everything you need in a counsellor: understanding, patience. She challenged me when I needed it. She is warm, kind, and a very understanding person to be the support and mirror to anyone who is willing to travel the journey. Jenn will go the distance!!
HC Cork - Coworker/Counsellor - Ireland